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Archipel concours NEW DATE!

June 19, 2021

Yearly competition for young musicians - chair of the jury

In 2021, as in every winter/spring, Stichting Vrienden van Archipel (Friends of Archipel Foundation) will organise the Archipel Music Contest. Archipel finds it important to realise the Music Contest because music is a language between people that is easily understood. Music offers the opportunity to make contact, music appeals to everyone in its own way. During the Music Contest great young talent will play (light) classical music on the podiums of Archipel locations in preliminary rounds and semi-finals. The finals take place in the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven every year. 

The aim of the Archipel Music Competition is to connect young people and the elderly and to bring (popular) classical music to the residential care centers of Archipel. With this we offer young people a platform to demonstrate their talents to clients and residents of Archipel.

69th European Music Festival for Young People in Neerpelt, Belgium ONLINE VERSION!!

April 28, 2021

Jury Member

The 69th edition will be a unique double festival where not only choirs but also instrumental ensembles will be welcomed in Neerpelt. Unfortunately, in 2020 we were unable to host a festival because of the COVID-19 pandemic. To make up for this we will organise a double musical festival in 2021.

What once started off as a local singing contest intending to stimulate youngsters to study music, has meanwhile become famous enough far beyond European borders to be an icon to children and youth choirs and orchestras.

From April 29 to May 3, 2021 an odd 100 children and youth choirs and instrumental ensembles and about 4.000 youngsters up to the age of 28 from all corners of the world will get together in Neerpelt again, to share their music and to discover each other’s cultures.

United through their love of music they will celebrate a mega feast of joy, peace and friendship, spiced up by musical highlights.

Every group will perform a jury concert before an international jury of music educationalists, experts and composers. They’ll judge the performances from a positive angle and will hand a pedagogical report.

During these jury concerts as well as all other concerts and workshops, young musicians are offered the opportunity to experience an international performance.

Each festival day ends in a proclamation of the results which is time and again a mind-blowingly emotional party where every participating group receives their diploma. The European idea and motto “Alle Menschen werden Brüder” is and remains the sole source of inspiration for the festival.

We kindly invite you to participate in this feast for youngsters and thus help build a better world for tomorrow.

Recording new cd

March 06, 2021

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We plan to record a new cd. the name of the cd "Dédoublement" is the name of the main piece on the disc. Dédoublement from composer Vinko Globokar for clarinet and timpani. Besides this work the disk will include several works i played under supervision of Leo Verheyen. The disc is honoring Leo Verheyen... a person, friend, mentor and professional who greatly influences my further musical development 

COVID-19 update

October 20, 2020

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Regarding COVID-19, all 2020 concerts have been cancelled. The concerts (Belgium, the Netherlands, Cyprus, China, Portugal and Turkey...) will take place in 2021.

More info will follow!  


February 05, 2021

BOOST is the new development trajectory for BBM members.

BOOST is the new development trajectory for BBM members. A way to work on the future together with your entire association. Born out of the need for a valuable alternative to the traditional concert competition.

You do BOOST with your association as a whole: orchestra, board and conductor.

BOOST is intended for all music associations of the BBM, at all levels.


The BBM has developed BOOST to offer its members a sustainable quality impulse.

Sustainable: BOOST's focus is on the long-term development of your association.

For us, quality means: experiencing success. That applies artistically, policymaking and administratively. It concerns the connection between the members and the connection of the association with its environment.

The impulse is for those aspects that are important for the future of your association, such as management, policy, artistic, communication, youth, etc.

BOOST pilot 2021 commissioned by KNMO

New Year Concert

January 05, 2021

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The New Year's concert not to be missed! A start of the musical year with the harmony St-Caecilia in the main hall of the Maaspoort in Venlo. Programme will follow later! 

New Year Concert

January 04, 2021

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The New Year's concert not to be missed! A start of the musical year with the harmony St-Caecilia in the main hall of the Maaspoort in Venlo. Programme will follow later! 


January 01, 2020

Due to the measures that were announced by the Dutch National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) we unfortunately need to cancel all events until June first. This way, we hope to contain the further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Festivals, competition, concerts and theatre performances will take place later.

After this period of cultural lockdown we will update our agenda. Stay save and healthy!!

Clarinets on stage!

April 04, 2020

Clarinet festival

INTERNATIONAL MUSIC PROMOTION organizes the Dutch Clarinet Festival CLARINETSonSTAGE in collaboration with Fontys Academy of Music and Performing Arts. From 4 to 6 April 2020, various masterclasses, an international solo competition (-18) and concerts take place in Tilburg. The clarinet day for clarinettists of all levels take place on Sunday 5 April. 

Various workshops take place during the clarinet day on Sunday 5 April. In addition, you will play in a clarinet choir led by a top clarinet player. The day ends with a concert. Furthermore, there are also various booths and there is a special workshop about reeds. Costs for participating in this day is 20 euros (including light lunch). You can register here. The clarinet day lasts from 10: 00-19: 00 and takes place at the Fontys University of the Arts in Tilburg.

The following people collaborate in the Clarinet Festival:

Vlaamse Meesters

September 13, 2019

New work by Frank Nuyts

Art broadens your outlook and so does the beautiful wall painting The Last Supper in the Abbey refectory of the STA’M. With this masterpiece looking on, composer Frank Nuyts gets inside your head and examines the question: ‘What if we are nearer to our last supper than we think?’ In this brand-new composition by Nuyts, a number of his artist friends sit down with him at the table. The musicians of CASCO Phil enter into dialogue with one another, coming together at the end to deliver an urgent but positive message. Surely you’ll be joining them?

This concert ties in with the art trail of Flemish Masters in Situ, a project of the Flemish Tourist Office Toerisme Vlaanderen to put the works of the Flemish Masters on the map. During OdeGand we put the musical spotlight on three works of art.

Musicians: Casco Phil, Piet van Bockstal (Oboe), Raf De Keninck (clarinet),...

Carnets de Voyage

September 05, 2019

deKantfabriek Ninove - ART CONNECTS

Performance of the program Carnnets de Voyage. Music by George De Decker. Clarinets Raf De Keninck.6the September, 8 pm, Aalstersesteenweg 121, 9400 Ninove, Belgium. Tickets on site


May 09, 2019


Concert at Chamber Music festival in Cyprus.

Works for clarinet, violin, piano with Candida Thompson (violin), Raf De keninck (clarinet), Hulya Keser (piano)

Masterclass Raf De Keninck (clarinet)

December 09, 2018

Masterclass at Sichuan Conservatory of Music (China)

Masterclass by Raf De Keninck for students of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music (China) 

AEC Congress

February 13, 2019


Platform meeting AEC Pop/Jazz at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim

Carnets de Voyage

September 15, 2018

at the KANTFABRIEK - Ninove - BE

Carnets de Voyage at the KANTFABRIEK @Ninove. 

Discover this special place and feel the connection between the music and the ancient building!

Carnets de Voyage

July 09, 2018

@ClarinetFest 2018

Our recital at the international ClarinetFest 2018

Into the sound

February 04, 2018

Concert by Paul Weiling and Raf De Keninck

Paul Weiling (saxophones) and Raf De Keninck ( clarinets) are playing pieces out of their repertoire. Jazz and Classic both out from a contemporary view. During the concert the two worlds will meet and melt together!

Organisation Contemporary Music Week Tilburg

Cenakel, Tilburg

Doors: 20.00 

Tickets at the door 

Endless worlds

December 08, 2017

Besloten concert Kunst in de Kamer Utrecht

Release concert "Carnets de Voyage"

October 26, 2017

Release concert of our new cd "Carnets de Voyage".

For the price of the cd (15 euro) you get both... the concert and the cd!

Want to be there? Contact us!!


March 29, 2017

Composed by G. Ligeti

Conducting the amazing Chamber Concerto for large ensemble written by G. Ligeti @ ESMAE in Porto!

New CD!!

March 25, 2017

Now availlable

From 26the of march you can order my new cd with music by the Flemish composer George De Decker. All pieces for clarinet and sounds.

Meditation for two

November 19, 2016

What will happen when two people join? WHat will happen when clarinet and voice will melt together and touch your soul? Visit our unique concert at Heist op den Berg! ANd feel the music... feel life!

Music by Frank Nuyts in Japan!

November 04, 2016

Concerts in Japan with music of Frank Nuyts with Jolien Dely (cello) and Gabs Sultana (piano)

Chamber Opera Paternel

October 13, 2016

8.00 PM

De Bijloke Gent - Chamber Opera Paternel from composer Frank Nuyts. Conductor Raf De Keninck

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